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Cognos Report : Display a different measure in row for the aggregated column

Following tip is when you use a Relational Datamodel (DMR). In a Cognos Report crosstab, If You need to Display different measure in the aggregated column, you can do it using a simple if-then-else...

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Generate Extended properties in MS Sql Server 2005+

When you work with databases, it's cool to Keep all the documentation in the system, so that it is available for reporting and all kind of analysis. Microsoft SQL Server 2005+ provides the ability to...

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Installer JasperServer sur Linux Debian

JasperServer est la solution open source de BI & reporting la plus aboutie à ce jour. Cette solution comprend l'ensemble des outils nécessaire à la mise en place d'une solution décisionnelle...

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Formules MDX - Associer deux dimentions temporelles avec LINKMEMBER

Voici un exemple d'utilisation de la fonction LINKMEMBER pour le calcul d'une mesure dans un cube Miscosoft SSAS. Présentation Cet exemple est extrait d'un travail sur le thème de la "validité...

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Analyse d'écarts dans le temps avec Analysis Services

L'exemple suivant illustre un cas courant d'analyse d'écarts d'une mesure dans le temps, traité via des formules MDX dans un cube Microsoft Analysis Services.  Cela pourrait s'appliquer à un...

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Cognos 8 Macro functions list

We have seen that cognos macro functions available in framework manager are also available in report studio. Here is a simple list of existing Cognos Macro with description. This list contains...

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Last period prompt option in Cognos report Studio

When you build a new report with some prompts, including a time dimension; you may want to add an option to automatically select the last Period. this way users can : see their last data without...

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SSAS Batch Processing with XMLA

When you want to schedule the processing of SSAS database (using Sql Server jobs), you have two options : create ans SSIS package containing Analysis services tasks & schedule it. Build ans XMLA...

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setup cognos to work with OLAP MSAS cubes security

Usually, when we create a data source in Cognos, it is easier to specify a connection using Cognos Service Credentials. This means that all connections to the data source are done using the Cognos...

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Row Level security in MSAS

Security implementation in Analysis Services In some cases, companies want to give different level of access to strategic data, depending on user’s profiles. Analysis services gives us ability to...

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