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Convert virtual drive from virtualbox to vmware

You have a virtualbox image and want to use it in VMWARE ? If the .ova file does not fits your needs, you can try to convert the hard drive and then use it directly in a configured vmware machine....

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Repair HFS+ Volume on OSX

Yesterday I had a little surprise on one of my disks (the backup one.Disk utility was unable to repair it, but here you will find some tips 1- read your disk with Linux Boot on Ubuntu live CD and try...

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Installer Debian Lenny x64 en RAID Logiciel

L'installation sur des disques configurés en RAID1 offre les avantages suivants :  Les données sont intégralement reproduites sur deux disques (miroir) Cela permet en cas d'avarie dur un disque, de...

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Build & use mod_auth_user_dir on debian 5.0 Lenny

In the need of a WebDAV functionnality that could allow one to share users personal directories with automated authentification, i found an apache module, auth_user_dir, that looked fine to me on ...

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